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Against the backdrop of the raging debate over healthcare reform and "socialized medicine," I am happy to announce that the manuscript for my third novel, Change of Heart, is complete. The book's themes, it turns out, are pretty timely.. I've been writing and rewriting Change of Heart for the past two years and I think I'm ready to let it go.... Here's the pitch:

Once upon a time in a small but growing suburb of Atlanta named Crumpton, Georgia, there lived....

two pastors: One white (Nicholas Wyatt), one black (Lucius Duckett)
who served two churches: one a "megachurch"; the other, a "meagerchurch"
with two rather different building initiatives: multi-million dollar expansion; plugging a hole in the roof above the choir loft
and had two sons: 8th graders Stephen and Reggie—best friends for life
and two daughters: 16-year-old Sarah is a typical PK; 6-year-old Beyleigh needs a heart transplant

... Beyleigh Duckett's time is running out; unless she gets on the "right" waiting list for a donor heart she will not make her 7th birthday. The only way she can get on the "right" waiting list is to raise a quarter-million dollars in short order.... Which presents a dilemma for her father, Lucius Duckett, a bi-vocational pastor with no insurance. When Pastor Nicholas Wyatt discovers that a major source of funding for his own church's "megamorphosis" building program is "dirty money," he rethinks his priorities and, more importantly, His priorities and what his ministry has become and, more importantly, could become. Keep an eye out for it!






The Calling of Jujubee Forthright

"Have you ever wanted to jump through the pages of a book and hug the main character? Well, hold on to your chairs; The Calling of Jujubee Forthright is that kind of book!

"...Readers will want to jump up and shout 'Hallelujah!'during the final pages of this terrific book. Jujubee Forthright is a remarkable character with a heart full of love and a burning desire to serve the Lord. This story breathes a promise of the glorious power of God to save us, and the incredible ways in which He does just that."

— Joyce Handzo, In the Library Reviews

"Some stories start slow, but not The Calling of Jujubee Forthright, Scott Philip Stewart's new novel – a modern-day rendering of the Parable of the Pharisee and the Sinner in a Georgia setting....

"As he steps out, Jujubee looks increasingly like Jesus, recognizing divine encounters even at the Stop-N-Hop, where he finds a fierce-looking former newspaper delivery man with a mullet and a three-day-old beard browsing the pornographic magazine rack. Here Stewart's skill shines. In minutes and without a trace of preaching, Jujubee empathetically invites him to 'Follow me' – and he does. In these fine moments, Stewart reveals his own heart. In the end, of course, Jujubee, his calling, and his companions all come to their anticipated, happy, and eternally secure end. Stewart does it, however, with rare, inventive word play completely devoid of worn-out church phraseology. His characters, full of excitement and humor, aim higher."

— JoAnne Potter, Agape Press review

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The Healing of Ryne O'Casey

"Stewart's writing is clear, provocative and believable, the true mark of craftsmanship.... The main character, Ryne O’Casey, is much like the kid next door. He has the same desires and dreams of most children, yet he lives with the knowledge that he probably will not live to adulthood, that he will never experience first love, high school sports, college, marriage and being a father to his own children. Ryne fights with valiant effort not to allow his disease to rob him of the simple pleasures of childhood. This brave young boy is far wiser than many of the adults which people this book. He sees straight through the hypocrisies of the self-righteous twits who clothe their prejudices in the robe of Christianity. He forgives them, for they do not know how cruel they really are being. The main force of this book is faith, pure and simple. Even in the face of the harshest of realities, Ryne’s faith carries the day. This book is too good not to write about. I highly recommend it for its laughter- and tear-invoking truths."

—Beth Alston
Americus Times-Recorder

"Scott Philip Stewart's first novel reminds me of books by Clyde Edgerton, with its quirky characters and dedication to getting not just to the roots of matters, but into the dirt that surrounds them. When Esther Jean O'Casey throttles the living daylights out of a mean fellow who desperately needs it, I found myself wanting to shout 'Amen, Sister.' As for Ryne, his is a tale of suffering told with a wit beyond his years and a depth that will break the most cynical heart. A soulful tale of faith lost and renewed through trials, this book is a gem."
— Linda Dorrell, author of
The Trees of Eden
and True Believers

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